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Latest News 

- Playoff structure has been decided. No. 1 Seed will get a       
  bye week (July 13th) and No. 3 seed will travel No. 2 seed. 
  Winner of the July 13th match up will travel to No. 1 seed
  July 20th. July 6th is reserved for a make up week if needed. 

-The Ravens folded and the Milwaukee Tribe have merged     with the Dodge County Braves and will now be known as the   Milwaukee Braves. This will bring the league down to 8     teams for the 2019 season. 

-First Roster Submissions are April 3th

-Braved moved home field to Inxonia, WI

-Slayers moved home field to Wales, WI

-Raiders moved home field to Omro, WI

-League Schedule is released. You can download it here.

-Milwaukee Tribe has been voted in and will be in the South Division. This addition will move The Slayers to the North. 

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